Jo Anna Rose Zelano
Reconciliation: Installation ViewReconciliation: Installation ViewReconciliationReconciliationReconciliationUntitled Resin Figure 2Untitled Resin Figure 3Untitled Resin Figure 1Untitled Resin Figure 4
In times of distress, we lean inward. We also search for outer sources to keep us strong, and to process the cause of our grief. Reconciliation expresses an attempt at resolving the imbalance that occurs when we rely too much on either our selves, or our external sources of aid.

The four resin casts represent moments of struggle and resignation on the path to equilibrium. These sculptures generate implications of absence, memory, and transformation. Making them from a multiple casting process provides a final product that is several variants from its origin. This process fosters an example of one of memory’s faults: Distortion. Yet, each shift emulates growth and change as stepping stones towards understanding.

The center wax piece is the symbol of the balance: the ribs are our infrastructure, and the wings, the sources of our yearnings. It provides a juxtaposition between the ethereal and the earthly. The reconciliation process, in this context, is very much about making peace with one’s own mortality. How do we protect ourselves? And from whom do we draw hope?